Welcome to Rabs Driving, for driving lessons in Ilkeston, Eastwood, Long Eaton and surrounding areas
Welcome to Rabs Driving, for driving lessons in Ilkeston, Eastwood, Long Eaton and surrounding areas

Coronavirus / Covid-19 Information

Latest information regarding the current situation.

Driving Lessons and Coronavirus/Covid-19 - The ‘New Normal’


If you do have any symptoms of Coronavirus, you MUST let us know, and not do your lesson. If not, we face the prospect of being shut down again for several weeks if we have to self isolate, which no one wants.


You will be contacted the day before each lesson just to make sure you don’t have any symptoms, and that you have not been in contact with anyone who may have Coronavirus, and if you have to cancel there will be no cancellation charge in these circumstances.


Although not compulsory, it is now recommended that we wear a face covering while on lessons. It is compulsory to wear one when you have your driving test, so we may as well get used to it now. There are some exceptions and if you do have an issue, we can discuss it.

You are welcome to bring your own face covering, however, if you don’t have one, we do have disposable masks available.


The car will be sanitised between lessons, and all contact points are cleansed; seatbelt, handles, mirror, gear lever etc, even the key - the list is surprisingly long, and takes a few minutes, so rather than come out to the car as soon as you see it pull up, wait for a text message to let you know that everything has been done and it’s okay to come out – just to save you standing about if the weather is bad.

There is also hand sanitiser in the car you can use when required, however, if you have any allergy concerns, please bring your own.


Gloves can be worn, however having tried them, we find that good hygiene with hand washing & sanitiser is better. We do have some disposable gloves available, however, due to allergies etc, if you do want to wear gloves, you should provide your own.


Lets stay safe, and enjoy driving!

Driving Lessons and Coronavirus/Covid-19


On Thursday 25th June, the leader of the House of Commons stated that all driver training, including driving lessons in cars, could resume from 4th July.


Going forward things are still unclear; we’ve been told we will be issued with a list of requirements to carry out lessons, but not what those requirements are. It is likely to do with face masks and PPE etc. so as soon as the information is available, it will be published here.


Theory tests should also restart on July 4th with social distancing measures in place.


Car practical driving tests will restart on July 22nd. However, that is not as straightforward as it seems, as the DVSA have cancelled ALL booked driving tests, and these will be reallocated over the coming weeks, with a priority given to people who have had a test cancelled due to the lockdown.


There will be more information on the Facebook page, so if you haven’t already, like/follow www.facebook.com/rabsdriving.


If you don’t do Facebook, check back here, or iuse the contact page to message for more information.


We have been preparing for the return, and as this pandemic is new territory for everyone, we have undertaken various training courses to help us move forward when we do reopen.

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